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Alicia in Durham, NC *****
Danny and his crew did an amazing job with my lawn that was overgrown with weeds! The prices are very reasonable and I would highly recommend.
Jason in Chapel Hill, NC *****
I've used Danny & his crew's services for many years across two houses. Aside from routine mowing, maintenance, mulch, trimming of bushes, etc., Danny has personally suggested many improvements to my yard, like adding bushes or planting trees & even adding a gravel path to my backyard. Great customer service & highly recommended.
Kamran in Durham, NC *****
Danny has been incredible to work with. Reliable, fair, and kind.
Deborah in Durham, NC *****
Danny and his crew have consistently provided great service. Besides the normal, Danny also took care of a lot of custom yard projects for me and answered questions and gave me direction for projects I wanted around my house. I would highly recommend you give him a call. As well he is reasonably priced.
Marshall in Durham, NC *****
Danny and his team are excellent and are responsive, easy to work with, and the service they provide is top notch. They go the extra mile to keep my yard looking great year round.
Jim in Durham, NC *****
Have been a customer for about 4 years. Dannys Lawn has consistently provided great service, communication and price.
Laura in Durham, NC *****
Danny came out on short notice to remove ice and a small fallen tree from my steep driveway. Another time he sent a crew of 3 men to dispose of tall bamboo that I’d cut down, and they cut down some saplings and privet that I’d marked for removal. The yard and driveway were raked and blown clean afterward. I am pleased with the service and will have Danny and crew return for other projects.
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